Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bira and Uniqueness

BEACH almost certainly be an option many people as a holiday destination in the tour this time. As shown in Bira beach is better known as Tanjung Bira. Entering the weekend, was crowded beaches visited by tourists.

This weekend tourists coming from all over the city and the state to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Sea Bira. Tanjung Bira located in Bulukumba district, South Sulawesi, was already famous with clear seawater. Not only clean beaches and coral reefs in manamana, natural fusion between the coast and mountains in Tanjung Bira so special beauty.

Cliffs stands firmly with the natural texture as limiting the coast. At the end of the beach, the scene of rock jutting into the sea looked very exotic. In fact, hundreds of coconut trees towering also barely visible. One is certain, this perfection of Tanjung Bira on white sand stretching along the shoreline, combing a distance of nearly three miles. The sand is very typical for smooth, soft like flour, and cold.

Unlike the Kuta beach in Bali, Bira Beach faces the plain and virgin nature make a very strong sense of feel. Therefore, for tourists who enjoy all kinds of activities on the beach-start swimming, diving, snorkeling, or sunbathing on the white sand will feel that this is a real beach.

Environmental innocent beach can be seen from the functioning of this coast by the local community as a place to trade, or as a ferry pier to a small island called across Liukangloe.

Lined fishing boats are still seen along the beach when they are not fishing. Quite a contrast between the scenery you see a busy local communities and economic activity, as well as tourists who are filling the holidays.

Bira is not yet organized into full tourist destination beaches Like others. However, these contrasting views to be a unique which later became characteristic of Bira Beach.

Even so, between tourists and indigenous communities remain samasama interact. Friendliness and openness of people Bira make tourists also enjoyed a quiet holiday.

The scene contrasts but harmony can be seen at two times. Kala morning, the atmosphere is more crowded beaches. Local people began to open shop merchandise. Even some of those who combed the beach just to simply look for shells. Shells are then dikreasikan in various forms of knick-knacks that later sold to tourists. Another scene is one of the island passenger ships began docking at Liukangloe beach. Each passenger lowered stock groceries.

Meanwhile, the tourists choose to get up early so as not to miss the moment of sunrise (sunrise) from behind the mountain. After that, they immediately launch all the usual activities on the beach.

Immediately plunge into the sea and feel the fresh clear water was not hurt. For those who have not advanced to swim, rubber tires should be hired to help stay afloat in the water. Many places rent tire disposal on the beach with rents Rp2.000 to Rp5.000.

Crowd on the beach is usually deserted gradually around noon today. The sun makes them choose to rest and start playing again on the beach during the afternoon. When this afternoon will look back to the scene quite impressive contrast. Tourist back down to the beach. Usually they prefer to sunbathe or simply bathe in the shallow sea waiting for panoramic sunset (sunset) at the end of the blue sea.

While people look back across the island from its activities and ready to go home with groceries barangbarang results. Passenger ships slowly left the beach. Silhouette of the ship between the remnants of the afternoon sun looked so beautiful.

The most perfect hand to witness all of this scene is on the hill. On the outskirts of the hill immediately adjacent to the beach, there are chairs lined complete with patron.

From here, along the white sandy beaches can be seen. Deep inside the tip of the island of the sea is also visible Liukangloe. Here also the lights Selayar Island Harbor Lighthouse is also famous for its marine tourism can be seen when Takaboneratenya night.

Night is usually used to shore up lying down on the soft sand and enjoy the star-filled sky. This can be therapeutic. Until the middle of the night before, tourists can mingle with the fishermen who had just arrived to sail. Catch was sometimes purchased tourists. Naturally, there is a thought if you want to see all the sights of the sea, then come to Tanjung Bira.(okezone)

Tanjung Bira


White sand beach

Tanjung (Cape) Bira lies at the south-eastern tip of South Sulawesi (click here for chart). Coming from Makassar the 190 kilometers going there will take about four hours by car.
Tanjung Bira and surroundings are famous for their white beaches with powder-like sand and shipbuilding. Tourism is slowly developing in this area, resulting in better access to the villages and some reasonable quality places to stay. Bira is suitable for relaxing on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, diving and walks in the area. Please be aware of the very strong currents around cape Bira.

The rainfall pattern in Bira (and as well Bulukumba and Sinjai) is different from Makassar and many other areas in Sulawesi, Bali and Java. While Makassar has heavy rains in the period December - February, Bira and surroundings are dry, though an occasional shower from the west will be possible. In Bira most rain fall during the months April, May and June.

Please note: it is not always high tide in Bira!

The most visited part of the peninsula is around the very end of the tar road. This area is called Kapongkolang. Unfortunately this place has in the past been cleared of trees before the building of restaurants and small hotels started. Because of the dry limestone soil, trees only slowly come back again. It takes just a short walk from here to visit greener beaches in the area.

Bira's harbour you will find at the south-east side of the peninsula. This is the place from where the ferries to Selayar and Labuan Bajo (Flores) leave. During the west monsoon many classical style boats that usually are operated for dive cruises moor here for shelter and repairs.

Places to stay:

Bira Beach Hotel
(cottages )
Jl. Kapongkolang No. 2
Phone: (0413) 81515 - 81579
Fax: (0413) 81515

At the other side of the road:

Bira View Inn
Phone: (0413) 82043 - 81763
Representative in Makassar:
Phone: (0411) 867336

Bira harbour


About two kilometers north of the Bira harbour (at the east coast) you will find the pleasant village of Panrang Luhuk. Here a few cottages have been build for receiving guests. There is a nice beach that is good for swimming and snorkeling. Though the coral reef has been damaged at several places the are still some good spots left. The reefs harbor a wide variety of fish. As currents is this area can be strong it is advised not to go to far out. Next to this it might be good to be aware of Panrang Luwuk being a rather traditional village where topless sunbathing is not acceptable.
A few hundred meters outside the village you will find some pinisiq boats being build on the beach.

Panrang Luhuk beach

Panrang Luhuk boat building

Places to stay:

Sinar Bira
(two cottages)
Panrang Luhuk

"Sinar Bira" cottages in Panrang Luhuk


Photo by Makhfudz & Sybout Porte
Boat Building

On the road from Bulukumba to Tanjung Bira you will pass after about 25 km Tanah Beru, a village full of boat builders. In the past many boat builders from around Bira moved here, resulting in an interesting concentration of boats under construction. If you are in the village, just go off the main road at the point it makes a sharp curve, and spend some time to visit the building sites.
Most boats are of the type "Finisi" (Pinisiq). Many of these boats still are built without the use of technical drawings. Still many wood connections are made with wooden pins. Recently the price of boats built here went up drastically due increasing hardwood prices. This did not stop new boats being built. A big part of the boats under construction are ordered by foreigners that operate these "pinisiq" for dive cruises.